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lesson one: the battlefield

The battle will be fought over the mud-flats of Izanbobwa.  Due to the nature of the war, the participants never engage in actual hand to hand combat.  Instead, it is fought over a long range by massive cannons flinging pies towards the enemy lines.  The personnel in place on the field are the spotters, and are necessary for the precision directions needed by the firing squads.  The field will be divided into equal sections by the MFD to facilitate easier recognition.  The battlefield will look something like this example:

example 1

lesson two: personnel placement

Proper placement of your troops is essential to the continued operation and safety of Strike Team Cherry-Bomb.  To place an Agent, merely move your cursor over any outlined sector and "clicking."  The personnel will be immediately dispatched to the area and begin searching for enemy military units.




example 2

lesson three: weapons

As stated before, the weapon of choice in 2038 is the "gattling pie gun".  This weapon can fire hundreds of pies every minute.

But seeing as you are a sergeant, we cannot provide you with such a powerful weapon.

You have been cleared for the "pie cannon."  This weapon is able to coat an entire area with gooey-deliciousness.  However, the reload time is critical, so take heed to fire it only when it can do the most good.  The MFD will display an area already devastated by a pie shot - regardless of who fired it - by the examples given below.

example 3 example 4

lesson four: volleys

To fire a volley one must merely fulfill the same actions as placing a trooper - mainly, to point to the intended target square and "click."  Gives new mean to the words "point and shoot", no?