Mudpie!  Well... not really.Introduction
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story so far

The year was 2038, and genetic science had reached it's peak.  We created new animals to serve us in every capacity.  Our power was incredible and unrivaled.

We became as gods.

But our own greed and lust pushed us onwards to create the perfect creation.  The stock was an Antarctic penguin.  All the world looked on as our greatest child took shape.  And soon after they were born - penguin superior.  They exceeded all our expectations and tests.  And even exceeded our power to control them.

The following years became known as the Penguin Wars.

strike force cherry-bomb

William 'The Sheriff' Custard

William "The Sheriff" Custard

Born: December 14, 1948 14:07:32
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 246 pounds

An old hard-line American geezer with a thirst for crime-busting.  Beware his temper and his six-shooter... mainly because he's too old to use either properly.  Joined Strike Force Cherry-Bomb to "reclaim [his] youth and kick some [butt]."

Lou "The Man" Yamoto

Born: Fourth month of the 6th Year of the Dragon
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 83 kilograms

A master of every martial arts known to mankind.  Deadly in any close encounter, and can slice sushi like no-one's business.  Unaccountably old.  We've never asked.  Nor do we know why he has joined Strike Force Cherry-Bomb.

Kane 'The Geek' Delphi

Kane "The Geek" Delphi

Born: January 31, 1982
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 138 pounds

Expert with computers, and designer his own supercomputer.  Which he talks to.  And loves.  And dates.  And plans to marry.  Joined Strike Force Cherry-Bomb to meet new computers.

Ben "The Boss" Cedaphil

Born: Unknown
Height: 6 feet 5 inches
Weight: Unknown

Little is known of this individual.  Except for his choice of clothing - solid white with a black overcoat.  However, he has the utmost trust and respect from the other members of Strike Force Cherry-Bomb.

Ben 'The Boss' Cedaphil

the mission

Sergeant, you have been chosen to lead Strike Force Cherry-Bomb on Mission 4864638573E -- MUDPIE.  You must launch a series of grape pies against the hordes of enemy Penguins.  At least one of your men must survive.  An overview of the Multi-Function Display will follow.  Remember, no survivors!

multi-function display overview

Personnel placement
Weapon volleys

hall of honor

The most revered and skilled of our sergeants will be listed herein and given promotions.  Begin training, and some day you too may become Commandant!

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