Script 2.0 L writing project trailor

This confidential information copyright 2000 Fantast Designs. All right reserved.
Written from the insane mind of Ian Lloyd.

Now this idea will take far more work than some of the others we have created. [shrugs shoulders] Just something that popped into my head, and is obviously influenced by the Psychedelic Farm [lain cyberia mix].

[total black; begin narration]


[begin flyby. use sudden fade-in and slower fade out, timed to that of a slow heartbeat. the flyby would be over any relatively flat landscape. if we use fields and such we can have leaves and seeds swirling around the camera as it moves over the area. the ultimate destination is a large blackened cathedral]

"ago a race perfected a science..."

[short narration pause]

"A science of unlimited possibilities..."
"a universe of worlds."

[short narration pause]

"And more."

[at this point the camera flies straight into the cathedral's shattered doors and into complete darkness. oh, and a purple eggplant is off to a corner of the entrance.]

"But the science vanished."

[slowly light streams through a stain glass window on the left into a worn room. if you want try putting a special emblem or logo in the window. see if anyone catches it. =) across from the viewer, beyond the light beams, is a wood-framed picture]

"And was found."

[as the camera moves towards the picture frame some writing on the frame becomes visible. what the writing is I have no idea. but put it into an extremely ornate hand writing style font.]

"Join the movement, and witness your dreams come true."

[painting fills the entire screen]

[quickly the painting morphs into a fly-by. the viewer watches the water below as it zooms past. the view then is raised up to straight ahead, where out of the mist something starts to become visible - an island!]

[before too much detail can be seen, the viewer is drawn backwards, revealing that the view was simply the image panel in a descriptive book lying on a pedestal in the same dull room as the painting]

[the book closes and the viewer looks up and to the right revealing an endless library of descriptive books going on until darkness engulfs them from sight]

[the entire scene fades to black as the following text fades in, each line is delayed by the specified amount]

<delay none > "The Writing Project" <fade 1sec>
<delay .27sec> "" <fade .87sec>
<delay .46sec> "the possibility is reborn" <flare .63sec then fade .18sec>

[run credits]

The more I think about this the more it seems like it would be a good "commercial" for "The Game". Oh well, here's by two pence.